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The Thai Collection at the Aberdeen University Herbarium is one of the most important collections outside Thailand, consisting of around 16, 000 individual plant specimens and approximately 850 type specimens.

It was principally collected by Arthur Francis George Kerr (1877-1942), while he was in the service of the Government of Siam as Medical Officer of Health from 1902-20, and in charge of the Botanical Section, Ministry of Commerce, from 1921-31. The herbarium obtained its material through Professor Craib, for whom Kerr collected while he was a Lecturer in Forest Botany at Edinburgh University. Professor Craib came to Aberdeen from Edinburgh as Regius Professor of Botany in 1920 where he remained in the Chair until his death in 1933.

This website is the result of  work on the documentation of the Thai specimens held in Aberdeen (ABD). There are 15, 377 individual specimens listed and approximately 815 type specimens. Specimens that were on loan are not included but will be slowly added. Due to the importance of the Thai Collection held in Aberdeen, it is hoped that this website will aid researchers around the world who are completing the Flora of Thailand and other regional floras.